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Exacticide Power Duster

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Exacticide Power Duster
  Welcome to Technicide

The “Exacticide” is the best business investment you’ll ever make. It will save you time and make you money. You’ll see the difference the first time you use it.
Technicide was founded in 1988 by James M. Harper, (Jim) a third generation Pest Management Professional. Jim grew-up in the Pest control business riding along with his Dad at a very young age. At age 15, Jim’s responsibility in the family business was to maintain and repair the equipment. It was at that age that Jim built a truck mounted power rig that could slide out of the truck, so that the truck could double as a family vehicle. Jim brought his innovations to the Family Business and took the company to new heights.

  Dust is a must!

The Exacticide will improve your success rate on every service.
  Bed Bugs and Exacticide
ALPECO recommends the use of 100% natural, non toxic and chemical free use of  Diatomaceous Earth against Bed Bug infestation!
To successfully eradicate an infestation of bedbugs “Dust is a Must”. Be sure to apply dust to every crack, crevice and void throughout the entire structure. Be thorough and liberal. Nothing should not be overlooked. My dust choice is a desiccant dust. There has not been a single report of resistance to desiccant dust; they have a very high mortality rate. If applied as described here, 100% mortality is 12 times more likely.  If the desiccant dust is applied using the Exacticide, 100% mortality is 24 times more likely. Exacticide users have reported that the Exacticide is the number one tool in their bedbug arsenal.  Inspect the areas 10 days after the first treatment and not a day sooner.
  Exacticide Product Specification
Exacticide Eradication System
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The Exacticide is a multi-faceted pest eradication tool. It is so versatile that you literally can do all of your jobs from start to finish with this one piece of equipment. The Exacticide not only will provide you with the most effective way to eradicate pests, it will also increase your profit margin on every job. Its Proven Delivery System is ideal for interior and exterior applications. The Exacticide comes with a one-touch ON/OFF switch for exact product application. Its Durable Construction ensures daily use for many years to come. The Exacticide is affordably priced and ready to make your business more profitable.

Exacticide Premium Features: What Do I Get? …
  • New Precision Flow Dial
  • Powerful Battery lasts all day
  • Interchangeable 12″ tips
  • Interchangeable clear view chemical canisters
  • 6′ extensions up to 30′
The Exacticide is shipped in a Hard case and includes:
1. Exacticide Applicator (1)
12″ Tips (2)
3. Battery (1)
Car Battery Charger (1) – 220-240v adapter availabe!
Canister (2)
 Exacticide PFC Complete Kit* Belt Hook
Exacticide PFC Complete Kit* Includes:
– 1 battery
– 1 car-charger
– 2 canister
– 2 wands
– 1 case.
Belt Hook
You’ll never be without a place to put down your Exacticide. Carry it on your belt with the easy to use Monster Hook. Easily mounts to any belt and gives you full use of your hands. 1101 EXACT On request!
Price NZ$750.00, plus 15 % Gst
Tip Tip Extention
Make sure you have plenty of back up tips for your job.
Sold in packages of 10.
These extensions are a life saver for those hard to reach
situations that a 6′ extension is too much.
Sold in packages of 5. 1103 1105
Price in NZ$ 8.00, plus 15 % Gst Price in NZ$ 19,00, plus 15 % Gst
Battery Hose Extensions
Makita 9.6V Battery
With the powerful 9.6V Makita battery,you’ll be able
to work all day.
Charges in 50 minutes and holds that
charge all-day!
Hose Extensions
Our standard Bee Kit comes with 18′ of hose. (1) 6′ hose for
shorter distances and (1) 12′ hose to reach higher spots.
These two hoses can be snapped together to reach up to 18′.
In addition you can increase that length by adding 6′ hose
sections (sold separately, pole not included).
We recommend a 12′ painters pole that extends to 24′.
Excellent for eradicating bees, wasps and hornets.
Poles are sold at paint supply stores. See image below as an
example of the 18′ hose and pole extensions.
On request! 1104
Price in NZ$ 29.00, plus 15 % Gst
Car Battery Charger  Canister
Car Battery Charger
You’ll never be left without a fresh battery with the
car charger. Plugs into your cars cigarette
lighter for quick charges on the go. You’ll always be
Now you can carry more powder or granules for those
larger jobs. Or for the jobs that will require two different
pesticides. Sold in packages of 4.
On request! 1102
220-240V charger on request, extra cost may apply! Price in NZ$ 12.00 plus 15 % Gst
Clients Testimonials

Yes, Very happy with it. 

Received the powder duster early……excellent.
Just finished using it to spread DE through a very badly infected apartment…..saved a lot of time.
So all in all, thanks a lot, great product and will be in contact.
Campbell Silcock

The Exacticide allows me the ability to do Carpenter Ant work with ease in areas that were nearly impossible to reach before.  The price of the unit is insignificant when compared to it capabilities and chemical cost savings.
It’s a real money maker.
Bill Johnson,A1 Extermination,

We have one Exacticide and it is everything you said it would be, everyone it in the company is fighting over it. We need 10 more.
Bryan Duncan,D’s Pest Control Lubbock
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Butler Service and Bed Bug / Alternative Pest Control Solutions  Order here NOW!
Exacticide Owners Manual Download
Click Here to download a PDF version of the Owner’s Manual.Source and tank you to Jim Harper!