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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently will I need to have pest control treatment?

This will depend on the circumstances. If your property is a hotel or motel with high occupancy rates, treatment annually or biannually is recommended. A warehouse, commercial kitchen or hospital will also need regular treatment. A private home on the other hand may need treatment only when an infestation occurs.

What do I need to do in preparation?

Very little. When the “Just Freeze” system is applied the room may require no preparation other than pulling furniture away from the wall. The “Simply Heat” system requires the removal of heat-sensitive items such as CDs and DVDs, pressurized cans and oil paintings. But don’t worry – we will check the room and make sure all sensitive items have been removed prior to treatment.

Are there any strong solvents or fumes?

None whatsoever. There is no smell neither during nor after treatment and no liquids to stain furnishings.

Will either treatment damage or stain my furnishings, carpet or room?

Neither treatment causes damage to fabrics or paintwork. Even electrical equipment is undamaged. Some items are heat sensitive, and we will advise you of anything that should be removed prior to the room being treated.

How long will treatment take?

“Just Freeze” treatment is completed in a matter of hours, and the room is ready for use only an hour or so later. “Simply Heat” takes 24 hours, plus a few hours more while the room cools to ambient temperature.

How long will my property remain pest-free after treatment?

This will depend upon many factors such as the uses the property is put to, whether it is public or private, etc. Since our methods are totally non-toxic, there is no lasting residual effect. However, we will use a non-toxic ‘dust’ and a variety of insect traps to maintain control between treatments.

Which treatment is right for me?

Every situation is different. Our experts will decide which treatment best suits your pest problem. In general, we recommend “Just Freeze” for smaller, more local infestations, and “Simply Heat” where the problem is more widespread.

So the treatments are safe to pets and humans?

Totally. Once treatment is completed you can let dogs, cats or human guests re-enter the room with complete confidence that there will never be a toxic reaction and our insect-traps will never contaminate or taint food.

How does the treatment work?

All life is sensitive to extremes of heat and cold. ALPECO makes use of this by either freezing or heating the infested area to a level that is fatal to insects and other pests, using technology that has been perfected in Europe and the USA. Since neither treatment has any residual effect, insect traps and a non-toxic ‘dust’ are then applied to provide ongoing control.

Why should I use ALPECO in preference to other pest-control systems?

All other methods of control of insect pests rely upon the use of toxic chemicals. These can cause side effects in humans and pets (including, in severe cases, death) and in the hospitality industry may require that treated rooms remain out of circulation for some weeks after treatment. Furthermore, insects eventually gain resistance to insecticides, meaning that the chemicals must be used in ever-higher concentrations. ALPECO uses only non-toxic methods. The death rate of target pests is 100%, yet they will never develop resistance and no human or pet will ever suffer an adverse reaction. A treated room can be safely used again in a matter of hours.