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Latest Proven and Non-Toxic Pest Control Solutions that can be your solution!

ALPECO imports, designs and uses a range of pest control systems to ensure the perfect combination of control methods is available for every situation.

All technology-based systems are rapid, toxin- and residue-free and 100% effective.

Any system can be discreetly used and is world wide proven. Alpeco is the leader in Non Toxic Pest control solutions in New Zealand. We have designed methods and solutions for every pest sector from DIY to a professionally serviced approach.

24/7 Monitoring

Heat Treatments

UV Lights/Zapper

MinkPolice 24/7 Monitoring
Bed Bug Treatments - Thermo-Bug | Alpeco
Bed Bug Treatments - Thermo-Bug | Alpeco

Bait and Lures

Pest Control Products

Freeze Treatments

Nara - Rodent Bait & Lure Solutions | Alpeco
D2K - Non Toxic Pest Control Solutions | Alpeco
Cryonite - Environmental Pest Control Solutions | Alpeco

Insect Glue Traps


Trapping Devices

Hi-Eco-Genic -Environmental Pest Control Solutions | Alpeco
Gorilla Traps Rat Mice D2K