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Our Mission

To remain as the leader in the alternative pest control industry in New Zealand, by delivering the best service and offering environmentally friendly solutions. Presenting innovative solutions, using the latest proven technology, utilising high quality products and workmanship.

As the world in general and consumers shift more and more towards a greener and healthier lifestyle, it is our mission to deliver our services with the utmost respect for both our customers and the environment and a sincere commitment to Hi-Eco-Genic Standards.


We look after a wide range of customers

We are discreet and honest in all our practices

We work efficiently and think outside of the box

You can trust us and confidently recommend us to others

Our Goal

To be a leader in the pest control revolution, replacing the use of harmful poisons with effective yet environmentally safe pest control solutions. Working with both industry and the general public, our goal is to create a better, safer environment for all.