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Borer can be in houses and in old furniture for a up to many years but we have some leading technology where we can rid the house of borer with a heat treatment.

Step 1: Prepare the house so it is safe for a heat treatment

Step 2: Heat all areas up to at least 55 degrees Celsius

Step 3: Treat the outside of the structure to stop new borer flying in.

Step 4: Replace all timber which has been affected.

We can also spot heat treat affected items such as furniture in our container on site.


A traditional chemical spray to all affected and accessible parts of the house/structure is a great way to deal with the destructive borer. And should be done on a yearly basis.

Step 1: Assess the situation with an inspection of the property or with photos provided.

Step 2: We would use a oil based insecticide to soak into the timber and eliminate any new borer looking to infest the wood or killing any borer flying out of the holes.

Step 3: We can also brush on the product onto the timber or inject the established holes to eliminate the beetle living inside.

Step 4: We would treat everywhere where accessible, outside, inside, under the house and in the attic.


Step 1: Call to explain the pest issue


Step 2: Book a date which best suits you


Step 3: We come out and do the job


Step 4: Another Happy Customer

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