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Diatomacious Earth is a perfect non-toxic method for eliminating fleas, and is extremely safe for the family

Step 1: Vacuum all of the floor area as well as furniture on the top and bottom.

Step 2: Sprinkle the Diatomacious Earth on all of the floor area including the furniture.

Step 3: Knowing the life cycle of fleas means that the Diatomacious Earth will only work for as long as this is on the ground, so you will need to activate the eggs while the powder is on the ground.

Step 4: Leave the powder for as long as you can.

Step 5: Vacuum up the powder once biting has stopped


Traditional flea treatments include first understanding the flea and the life cycle of them.

Step 1: Vacuum all floor area thoroughly including furniture.

Step 2: Make sure all floor area is accessible for us to treat.

Step 3: we will spray a light chemical on all of the floor area, and underneath furniture.

Step 4: We will use an insecticide dust on the edges of the carpets where the fleas may be hiding.

Step 5: Do not vacuum for as long as possible and you will want to create as much vibrations as possible on the ground to activate the pupa.


Step 1: Call to explain the pest issue


Step 2: Book a date which best suits you


Step 3: We come out and do the job


Step 4: Another Happy Customer

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