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BRC - UV Insect Light Traps / Zapper

BRC NZ Insect Light Zapper

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Commerical Insect Solutions BRC

Latest Insect Traps and Infra Red Heat Solutions

  • Easy to install
  • Safe as CE rated
  • Modern design in a range of colours
  • Long lasting light bulbs
  • Latest European HACCP technology
  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

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Glue Board – Zapper

Electric – Zapper

Decorative – Zapper

Glue boards units are designed to offer protection against flying insects for sensitive areas including commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and front-of-house locations.

Our ALPECO glue board units are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and wattages to suit large and small premises.
Modern design and easy to install!

Ideal for commercial backroom areas and some front-of-house applications. ALPECO Insect Electric Light Traps or Zappers offer a comprehensive range of leading electric killing grid units, from smaller models to large commercial units, designed to offer protection against flying insects. Not suitable for small flies such as midges for which we recommend glue board insect light traps with pheromones.

Ideal for front-of-house areas requiring discretion, ALPECO Insect Light Traps or Zappers offer a wide range of contemporary decorative units ideal for restaurants, hotel lobbies and dining areas.
From wall mounted up lighters to freestanding units, our range of decorative products offer effective insect control solutions without compromising on interior décor.

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Make sure you only use NZ standard approved, CE rated and a Hi-Eco-Genic certified Insect Light Traps or Zappers!
All BRC Light Traps are CE rated and come with a safety MSDS sheets.

Non Toxic Pest management