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Bird Netting:

The strongest and most versatile exclusion system available

BirdZone Bird Netting sets the industry standard for strength, quality, UV stability while also backed by a 10 year warranty. BirdZone Bird Netting is the number one choice when it comes to denying pest bird access to literally any architectural configuration that can be enclosed including industrial, commercial and domestic situations.
Examples include: warehouse ceilings, courtyards, roof tops, loading docks, awnings, overhangs, parking garages, building facades, and the like.
Due to the aesthetic appearance of fine, premium BirdZone bird netting, the areas of use are only limited by your imagination.

To ensure you make the right choice for pest bird control, Alpeco offers free site visits, design service, quoting support, establishment of a working budget and specifications for tendering services.

Having worked on the most ambitious netting projects completed in New Zealand, our value proposition relies on extensive knowledge backed by years of experience and using only professionals. ‘Getting it right the first time’ offers our clients the best value in solving hazardous bird-related issues.

BirdZone Deluxe Bird Netting is available in two standard mesh sizes – 19mm and 50mm
BirdZone Deluxe Bird Netting 19mm is an effective exclusion system against all bird species – for small birds such as Sparrows, Swallows, Starlings and Mynas as well as larger birds including Ravens, Pigeons, Crows, Seagulls and the like.
BirdZone Deluxe Bird Netting 50mm is ideal for larger pest bird including Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows, Ravens, Marine birds, Cockatoos and Ibis

Premium Design Features Include
Pro Deluxe Bird Netting:
Premium high-density polyethylene (HDPE) square, knotted net designed specifically for architectural use.
Heat and fire resistance, as well as pest (vermin) and chemical resistant.
Pre-stretched and heat-set during production, ensures that this net will not sag excessively over time.
The UV stability additive in the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allows for our unbeatable manufacturers backed 10 year warranty. Even under New Zealand’s harsh external climate.
BirdZone Deluxe is made to an ISO9001 accreditation.

Caution - Things you should know
Other nets claim to be equivalent to products like BirdZone Deluxe, however, many bird nets sold in New Zealand and Australia are poor substitutes, including:

Orchard Nets:These woven or diamond shaped mesh nets are designed to be stretched over orchards. While this form of netting represented one quarter of the cost of premium nets, these nylon nets (not HDPE) are not fire resistant, will absorb moisture and rot. They will continue to stretch and sag very quickly. With no straight lines, the diamond shape is visually very obtrusive. Essentially, orchard netting should never be used in an architectural situation.

Fishing Nets:These nets are square knotted nets, disguised as bird netting. While they look similar, these “flat nets”, are not pre-stretched and they begin to sag very quickly. Sagging on horizontal nets can become caught on loading trucks and forklifts. The sagging is also visually unsightly. Fishing nets lack the strength, endurance and UV stability of premium and this is why they carry only a 5 year warranty. While these nets are half the price of premium nets, they will not last the test of time and offer poor long-term value as they require more regular replacement.

BirdZone Elevated Bird Netting is the strongest and most versatile exclusion system available. It sets the industry standard for strength, quality, UV stability while also backed by a 10 year warranty. BirdZone elevated bird netting significantly reduces the impact of a wide range of pest bird species by denying them access to nesting areas they once utilized. It is the number one choice for literally any architectural configuration that can be enclosed including industrial, commercial and domestic situations. Pest birds “over time” will find a new location to congregate, nest and roost.

Indications for elevated netting
It is common for roofs in Auckland, Wellington and some other New Zealand locations to be inundated with hundreds and sometimes thousands of Silver Gulls (seagulls), pigeons and other pest bird species. As roofs provide radiant warmth in winter and the gutters, air conditioning systems and walkways provide excellent sheltered nesting locations. Not only are high pressure bird-related issues smelly, but they cause expensive damage to the roof by corrosion of acidic faeces (droppings), blocked gutters, reduction of solar panel efficiency and water harvesting no longer possible.
Birds also carry diseases (zoonotic) which can be past onto humans. Viruses, bacteria, pathogens, fungus and mites can be transported through the air conditioning or on physical human traffic inside an office. Carpets can be impacted, and potential staff absenteeism should be monitored as illness can become an issue in the workplace. The particulate qualities of dried bird faeces can potentially be very dangerous to the WHS of any facility.

Benefits of elevated netting
Significant to complete reduction in bird activity.
Longer life to the building structure, paintwork and coatings.
Reduced maintenance and cleaning costs.
Cleaner, safer and less noisy work environment.
Reduced disruption to company processes.
A more pleasant and productive workplace.
Strong but fine premium netting means minimal visual impact.

Installation technique
Bird netting (BirdZone Deluxe 50mm or 19mm black HDPE Knotted Netting) is to be applied under tension.
Maximum tension is to be provided to minimize net Sagging – a maximum tolerance of bowing in the net is 50mm (net sections below 10m span) and 100mm (11m – 20m net span).
The BirdZone Deluxe net is to be attached to a perimeter cable (BirdZone 2.4mm 316 grade stainless steel cable) using net rings (BirdZone stainless steel net rings) attached at 50mm intervals. The perimeter cable is to be attached to the perimeter walls using stainless steel intermediate fittings (BirdZone Intermediate bracket, BirdZone Multi-Purpose Bracket and/or BirdZone Masonry Anchor) with a maximum interval of 400mm. The perimeter cable is to be tensioned with turnbuckles (BirdZone 316 grade 6 – 8 mm Stainless Steel turnbuckles) and crimped with copper (not aluminum) ferrules (BirdZone Copper ferrules).
All net joins must be completed on cables using stainless steel net rings. Zippers must be applied to the nets under all lights, security cameras and serviceable items above the net line, installed using stainless steel net rings. Zipper size is determined by the item to be serviced and / or removed. No equivalent nets, galvanized fittings or alternatives accepted.


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