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Live Cage for Cats, Possum, Mustelids & Others

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Humane Live Traps - Alpeco

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Humane Live Cage Traps - Alpeco

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Humane Live Cat Traps Alpeco
Bay of Plenty Community Cat Project

24/7 Monitoring

**German Technology at Center of Community Project 13.12.2015

Press Release**

Specialised German technology is being used in a world’s first as part of the Bay of Plenty Community Cat Project to ensure wellbeing of owned cats and native wildlife in the region, making sure each and every movement of the project is humane and has the cats’ welfare in mind.

The Bay of Plenty Community Cat Project (BOPCCP) is a collaborative effort between the Rotorua SPCA and Tauranga’s ARRC Wildlife Trust with backing by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Department of Conservation; and hopes to see a dramatic decrease in unowned and stray cat populations around the region within three to five years.

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