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There are many different species of beetle in New Zealand with the most common being carpet beetle which like to eat the natural fibers of your carpet and other things in your home. For other beetles please call to discuss treatment options.

Non Toxic

Carpet beetle fly in through open windows and can lay up to 40 eggs. So the key thing for this is to have some protection in place to stop an infestation from occurring.

Step 1: Vacuum all carpet edges of the entire house.

Step 2: Wash all of your clothing which may be affected by the beetle.

Step 3: We will come in and lay Diotomaceous Earth along all carpet edges and places of concern.


If you have an infestation of carpet beetle a light chemical spray can be applied to all carpet edges along with some insecticide dust and good clothes washing to eliminate the issue.

Step 1: Vacuum all carpet area paying most attention to the carpet edges.

Step 2: Wash all clothing which may be affected by the beetle.

Step 3: We will spray a light residual insecticide around carpet edges and in places of concern to eliminate the beetle and larvae.

Step 4: We will use a light dust around the carpet edges as another layer of protection.


Step 1: Call to discuss the pest issue


Step 2: Book a date which best suits you


Step 3: We come out and do the job


Step 4: Another Happy Customer

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