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Inspection (I)


  • Blood spotting on bed linen, mattresses, walls, nearby furnishings or crevices
  • Dead bed bug casings
  • Colonies of live bed bugs
  • Live bed bugs in different life stages - larger adult brown bed bugs 4 – 5 mm long, lighter coloured juvenile nymphs, cream coloured eggs (1mm long)
  • Heavy infestations are accompanied by a distinctive sickly-sweet smell


Bed bugs generally feed at night and seek shelter during the day in a variety of locations, mostly close to where people sleep:

  • Under and around mattresses, floorboards, paintings, mirrors and carpets
  • Behind bed-heads and skirting boards
  • Inside bed bases
  • Inside wheels of bed bases
  • In cracks and crevices of walls
  • Within bed frames and other furniture
  • Behind loose wallpaper
  • Electrical fittings and appliances
  • Guide tracks of closet doors
  • Housekeeping carts and rooms
  • Storage rooms for mattresses and furniture
  • Adjoining rooms – next to, above and below an infested room

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