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Prevention (P)

Reasons for a Prevention

  • To avoid an outbreak of an infestation by detecting early signs (eggs or a small number of life insects or bugs).

A prevention treatment should be part of a regular inspection cycle and will kill insects in all life stages.

Treatment Description

The choice of products is subject to where eggs, insects, bugs, or signs of pests are found and to the type of pest. They can include a dust, gel or spray application in cracks, crevices, around the box spring, behind headboards and under skirting boards. The sealing of gaps and cracks may also be part of the prevention treatment as it is an important part of any treatment. The prevention treatment is useful as a follow up to ensure no further outbreaks happen between an inspection and the treatment date.

Every prevention treatment includes educational material for the tenant and support via our hotline.

Time: Approx. 45 min - 1 hour per room

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