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Thermo Bug - Heat Treatments

Thermo Bug employs temperatures around 55°C to kill insects. A special heat pump uses circulating hot air to raise the temperature of the entire room, including every crack and crevice – there is nowhere an insect can hide. There are no insecticides and there is no residue build-up, so no risk of toxic or allergic reactions.

In addition to bed bugs, the system is ideal for eliminating stored product pests such as grain beetles, flour moths and cockroaches. This method is perfect for hotels, apartments, restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants, food courts and the organic industry. Treated rooms can be reoccupied as soon as the temperature has fallen to normal once more.


What can Heat Treatments do?

  • Kills bed bugs and other insects in one treatment
  • 100% effective, no development of resistance
  • Eliminates all life stages including eggs and larvae
  • No pesticides in sensitive areas, no residue build up, odours or fumes
  • Intense heat penetrates into small cracks and crevices
  • Steady but gentle heating up and cooling down periods
  • No need to remove electronic devices, furniture, mattresses, fabrics, etc
  • Discreet method – safe, quiet and easy to operate
  • Very little downtime – the room is available straight after treatment
  • Your business can continue to operate and your revenue won’t be affected
  • Diatomaceous Earth applied after treatment provides non-toxic residual protection
  • Excellent for heavily infested locations

ALPECO’s recommended treatment strategy is to treat all rooms surrounding the infested room, including above and below. This will be a seamless treatment.

Heat Treatments are ideal for:

  • “Simply Heat” is the perfect pest control method for the hospitality industry, the food industry, in hospitals, rest homes, kindergartens and schools.
  • Perfect for larger areas such as warehouses, factories, mills, airports and containers.
  • The system has been successfully employed throughout the world by businesses including Barilla, Friskies, Rosenmuller, Unilever and several tobacco companies.
  • Excellent for kitchens with corners and in-built machinery.
  • Heat-sensitive items (e.g. pets, plants, food, carbonated drinks, medicines, aerosols, fire extinguishers, ammunition, musical instruments, paintings, photos, CDs) must be removed before treatment.
  • Reduces the need for fumigation of equipment or production areas, when used regularly as a component of your sanitation cycle!

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