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Hospitals and Rest Homes

Non Toxic Pest management

Hospitals, for good reason, have a great interest in maintaining a clean environment, free of infectious agents and pests. At the same time, hospitals have an ethical duty to do no harm that must extend to the impacts of the pesticides and cleaning agents they use on or near their patients and staff. This is especially the case because some of their patients may be particularly vulnerable (by virtue of medical condition or age) to the effects of what are, after all, products specifically designed to harm or kill living organisms. Thus, hospitals need to use the least environmentally and occupationally harmful products that will do the job, while also looking at the cost implications of the choices that are made.

We have many tips to stop insects making hospitals or rest homes their home. Our Hospital and Rest Home Prevention Programme will help you and your patients and residents to have a stress free time!

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It appears that the majority of New Zealand Hospitals and Rest Homes have an urgent need to adopt safer pest management practices. Implementation of cost-effective IPM Programmes can eliminate the unnecessary use of hazardous pesticides that threaten the health of patients and staff”. Yet safe and effective alternatives exist, although they need to be tailored to the unique situation of each setting. The pest control begins with good housekeeping and sanitation practices, including better storage of fruit, foods and waste, while sealing cracks and other entry points to reduce access; this can reduce flies (including fruit flies), cockroaches, ants and rodents. Eliminating leaks and moisture and removing clutter and harbourage can also make the environment less appealing to pests. In addition, flypaper, UV light traps indoors and traps with non-toxic attractants outdoors are effective for fly control. Glue-boards, pheromone traps and the use of low-hazard, low-volatility baits, such as boric acid, are the next line of defence against cockroaches. Ground cayenne pepper at entry points, as well as snap traps, can help control rodents.

In addition to controlling pests in the Hospital and Rest Home itself, attention needs to be paid to the use of pesticides in grounds maintenance, especially at a time when growing numbers of municipalities across New Zealand are moving to restrict or eliminate the cosmetic use of pesticides. Where better to set an example of healthy grounds maintenance than the local hospital?

ALPECO has eliminated the use of pesticides through a combination of horticultural, biological and non-chemical control options. It is a combination ideally suited to hospitals both inside and out.

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